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Erda Training & Therapy

How Can Counselling help?

Based in Crewe and near Nantwich in South Cheshire, I have comfortable, private therapy rooms within a large terraced house available for clients.

There are lots of reasons why people decide to begin counselling. Some of these include a general sense of unhappiness, or important life changes and transitions, for example, redundancy, retirement, bereavement and loss, relationship breakdown or divorce, illness, changes to your sense of identity, a lack of purpose or direction in life, work stress.

Other factors can be trauma or a traumatic event, triggers from childhood experiences, lack of close support or a sense of attachment to other people, feeling depressed or anxious or misunderstood, having low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Sometimes it is because current ways of coping no longer seem to be working as they once did and you can feel overwhelmed.

Counselling is a Relationship

Being able to hear your thoughts reflected back to you by a counsellor can sometimes enable you to see your situation in a different way. During the counselling session, it is safe for you to talk about your feelings and worries. I will listen to you and strive to understand your world. Our relationship would be different to others in your life. I will not tell you what to do, offer advice or make judgements. I work with you to understand why you have come to therapy and what you would like to be different. I will share my responses to you, so that ultimately you have a new and enlarged awareness and changed perspective.

How I Work

I am there as your therapist to support you healing yourself. I believe that past relationships have an impact on the present and this is something we can explore together and talk about. I am interested in the way our bodies express our emotional state. Understanding the messages our bodies give us, can lead to a greater awareness and a sense of wholeness. I am also interested in how you make sense or meaning from your experience. Through exploring together your thoughts and feelings, I hope to lead you to the possibility of having greater choice and opportunities in life.

A South Cheshire counsellor: Can I Help?

Please do contact me if you would like to talk about what’s on your mind. I offer a free introductory session so that we can decide together whether I am the right counsellor for you. I will also consider lower cost sessions if you are on a low income. You can see my counselling contract by clicking here

Contact me on 07837411717 or email

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